This is the homepage of Rod Begbie.

Whatever once was here is now, alas, gone. A big old nasty server crash, combined with a lack of time on my part, means my old blog and homepage are consigned to the digital dustbin.

Quick Bio

Rod Begbie is a forty-something software engineering manager. Originally from Scotland, he now lives in San Francisco, CA. His day job is as an Engineering Manager at Dropbox. Past lives have been as Co-Founder & C.T.O. of Sosh, and writing code at places like Slide, Current TV, Bose and—for 39 days—Google. He thinks anyone who gives themselves the title “Entrepeneur” deserves to be mocked.

Other places you can find me online…


My digital id.


Things I think are interesting, in addition to things I think.


Pictures of my dog, POTUS, and occasionally other things too.


I are serious Rod. This are serious page.


A big photo of me, and a bunch of other links


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You can email me at rod@begbie.com. There's a reasonable chance I will reply.

Instant messengering can be done to rod@arsecandle.org on Jabber, or rodbegbie on AIM.