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Entries for week beginning September 16, 2007

September 21, 2007

Shell Blog : The UI design minefield - er... flower field??

The problems with cultural-sensitivity when you’re shipping something worldwide.

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JUnit test tester. Works by changing your code and making sure your unit tests break! Wonder if there’s a Python version…

September 20, 2007


A *real* WYSYWIG word processor for the web. Flash-based, and really rather gorgeous. I’ve seen demos at various Boston geek events over the last few months, and it’s turned out excellently.

BBC NEWS | TV cat poll was fixed, BBC says

I can forgive TV companies for running crooked competitions, or faking phone-ins, but overrulling the viewers’ choice for the name for the Blue Peter Cat? That’s just EVIL!

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September 19, 2007

Technophobia or payola?

“The person responsible for administering Copyright law in the US doesn’t own a computer.” This explains a *lot*.

Strategy Letter VI - Joel on Software

Good article on where Joel sees web development going — some kind of higher-level language that compiles down to Javascript, HTML, and whatever else runs in browsers. I think there needs to be “Assembler programmers don’t have groupies.” t-shirts.

Flickr: Ye photers!

Lovely Flickarrrrr Eastarrrrr Egg for “Talk Like a Pirate Day”

September 18, 2007

RussellBeattie.com - OMGWTFBBQ: Open Source PHP5 News Reader

New open-source self-hostable PHP feedreader from Russell Beattie. My Gregarius install is aging, and something shiny, new, and being worked-on is mighty tempting.

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Nelson's Weblog: Space Giraffe

Sounds fucking AMAZING! Do I dare buy a $300 console, just to play a $5 game?

Xobni - Email organization, search, and navigation (it's inbox backwards)

Now launched. Tool to help you track people, emails, appointments and attachments. Sadly Outlook-only, currently. Initial prodding on my work email looks promising — I’m mildly tempted to install Outlook and point it at my home email accounts to see how well it does over a big (4+ years) dataset.

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My current-favourite Red Sox blog. “[world’s saddest little fist pump]” is now a running joke between Joy & myself.

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SSCM ( Simultaneous Source Control Managers (manager) )

Tool for syncing source control over multiple systems — seems ideal for those times that “corporate” insist on a standard version control package that everyone hates, and you want to use SVN/git/whatever.

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Powerful Pointed Presentation (old copy) - Google Docs

Playing with Google Docs’s new Presentations module. This is the result of uploading a fairly complex 7Mb PPT file — the last revision of “Powerful Pointed Presentation” before I switched to Keynote. Can’t seem to find any way of having “notes” or “commentary” appear with your presentation, but the Jabber chat is pretty cool.

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TV Bigshot

Fantasy TV network game from the folks at Television Without Pity.

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September 17, 2007

Twitter / Techcrunch40

Live snark from Arrington’s backslapfest.

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jQuery UI: Widgets, Components, and Interactions

UI and effects library from the JQuery team.

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September 16, 2007

ericd.net | flash in the wild

There’s at least a handful of lines of Python in this demo that were written by me — The first thing I’ve worked on at RhymesWithNose that’s made it out of R&D into the real world (Well, a RhymesWithNose store in Wrentham!)

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