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Flickr of Inspiration

February 12, 2004

Flickr of Inspiration

I’ve been playing around with Flickr, the latest in the ever increasing list of YASNSs.

It has the standard Friendster-esque friend-browsing capabilities, plus Tribe’s, erm, tribes. So far, so orkut. But what’s super-neato is what’s on top.

First off, you can gradate your friendships. The levels of Acquaintance, Friend, Best Buddy and Soulmate are all available to make the politics of friendship even more precarious. (There’s also a planned-for-the-future level called Enemy which is as-yet unattainable)

Then there’s the funky flash chat-app: an multi-window IRC-lite affair with an emphasis on picture sharing.

But the thing that’s really setting my geek-heart a pitter-pattering is hidden away on the website: Flickr Services—a collection of web APIs that allow you to link into a user’s Flickr data. It’s what Microsoft Passport promises to be, except without the huge scary corporation and the collosally-expensive integration fees.

There’s a great demo of this called reviewr which shows you books your friends have reviewed. Feel free to sign up, view my profile, add me as an acquaintance and see how it works. Mega nifty.


On Friday, February 13, 2004, orangeguru commented:

Social networks?! I am sick and tired of them - if one would join most of them plus try to be active in cyberspace - then I would have no more time to spend with my real friends!

Too much cyberspace sucks.


cheers orangeguru

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