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The not-particularly-secret Diary of...

December 31, 2006

The not-particularly-secret Diary of…

If you’re reading this, then I’ve thrown the switch. After almost five years on Movable Type, I’ve shifted over to some homespun blogging software (which I’ve codenamed threequarters)

The reason for this? Over the last few years, the MovableType “community” has pretty much dried up. While there are still a few souls pushing out plugins, they’re of decreasing quality and usefulness. When you only know enough Perl to be dangerous, hacking around in code to fix the authors’ bugs isn’t much fun, and prevented me from really building anything myself.

So here I am on a site powered by the lovely Django framework. There’s less than 500 lines of my code (templates excepted) powering the whole thing, and very little copying and/or pasting. Finally, I can do crazy things like including my Flickr photos in-line with my main blog entries, all cross-referenced by tags. Madness, I know!

It’s all still a little rough round the edges. There’s probably some Unicode screwups, images might not show up correctly, and I’ve yet to think about comments. But at least now I understand the programming language, and can fix all those things.

Happy new year, everyone!

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