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Quick braindump from CES (Day 0)

January 6, 2008

Quick braindump from CES (Day 0)

Greetings from Vegas, or more specifically, Bloghaus.

  • I’m already stunned by the scale of CES. I just went to collect my badge, and caught a glimpse of the smaller show floor. S’gonna be huge.
  • Biggest discussion point so far: Exactly how fucked is HD-DVD?
  • The Las Vegas monorail is $5 for one ride, $9 for a one-day ticket, and $40 for a three-day ticket. Even for Vegas, that’s some perverse mathematics.
  • I’m refusing to wear my badge’s lanyard, cause it’s sponsored by Nero, and they’ve fucked up my Windows installs too many times in the past.
  • The Microsoft keynote was staggeringly weak. I mean, I was expecting it to be; I knew it wasn’t going to be comparable to a Stevenote. But man, there was nothing there. Nothing announced, nothing shared, just horrible public speaking and “Hey, look at this thing we’ve made this year (and please ignore that it’s identical to something you’ve seen elsewhere that’s better)”
  • Also, billg’s keynote section was spectacular in its vapidness. He could have said “We think the internet’s going to be big!”, and it would have been more insightful.
  • As I walk past the guys handing out hooker cards, I’m tempted to respond the same way you respond to a Big Issue seller in the UK: “Already got one.” Although this thought then led me down the semantic worry that I was announcing “I already have a whore”, rather than “I’ve already got a card.”
  • Wondering if my employer has a specific policy against taking your meals per diem, slapping it in the penny slots, and eating with whatever your winnings turn out to be.

OK, going to go take over the Bloghaus TV and watch American Gladiators. Laters!

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