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Entries for Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008

ThinkGeek :: Pac-Man Hoodie

I might need to own this.

PayPal phishes itself

PayPal phishes itself

A genuine email I received from PayPal directs the user to "SECURE.UNINITIALIZED.REAL.ERROR.COM", an apparently common problem.

Oh, if I were only less scrupulous, I'm sure I could get the funding to purchase error.com

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Antisocial: a Javascript demo

Amazing bit of JavaScript hackery. The demo itself is cute and funny, but make sure to play with the demotool.

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Is Sarah Palin as racist as her supporters?

Unashamed racist waiting in line outside a Sarah Palin rally. McCain/Palin may not be being outwardly racist themselves, but they’re certainly creating an atmosphere where racists feel comfortable sharing their abhorent views.

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The Unicode Snowman I mentioned yesterday gets even better — Thanks to Punycode, you can access it at http://☃.net/!

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Beautiful animation of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Since breaking the search box on groovymother a couple of weeks ago, I’ve spotted a lot of XSS attempts in my logs. The phrase “a912rtag9” in particular seems to appear a lot, and it looks like it’s a bot spidering search boxes across the internet. Anyone know its origin? UPDATED TO ADD: Looks like it’s Yahoo’s Slurp Bot making these requests! Also, the Googlebot is searching for “a912rtag6”. (And yes, I’ve verified the IP addresses) How odd!

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