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Entries for week beginning November 30, 2008

December 5, 2008

Spying on Bacon

Spying on Bacon

Yesterday, I received a SnifTag for Bacon, thanks to Josh Nichols. I've been intrigued by Snif Labs since I first heard about them a year or two ago, even participating in a focus group last summer.

Bacon wears the tag on his collar, and it wirelessly connects to a base station that uploads the data in realtime to the SnifTag website. Joy and I had fun with him last night calling his name, and watching the avatar on the website spring into action! This also means that we can finally find out what he gets up to when we're not around the house to see. (Spoiler: So far, it seems to be "sleep constantly")

The community is pretty small at the moment, but if the popularity takes off, the social networking side of things could get interesting -- tracking your dog's activity levels vs. others in the same breed or age range could prove useful.

Snif Labs have just dropped the price of the tag+base station to $150, and if you use the code "SNIFPARK", you can get another $50 off.

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December 4, 2008

Python 3.0 Release

The backwardly-incompatible “Python 3000” gets its release. Will be interested to watch and see how fast code transitions to the new form.

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Tapulous - Tap Tap Dance

Stonking soundtrack to the new Tap Tap Revenge game (Daft Punk, Justice and Chemical Brothers, amongst others), and some trippy-ass visuals. Ace!

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December 3, 2008

Prop 8 - The Musical

Massive amounts of awesomeness abound. Three solid minutes of musical greatness.

Amazon Mobile for iPhone

Amazon releases an iPhone app for optimized shopping, including an wickedly-clever tool that lets you snapshot products in bricks’n’mortar stores and will then unleash Mechanical Turk users to find matching products on Amazon.

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December 2, 2008

Why Git is Better Than X

Spent a chunk of today reading up on and playing around with git today. This summary seems pretty accurate from my initial pokings.

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Papervision - Augmented Reality

If you have a webcam/iSight, you *must* try this. Print out a symbol and make a 3D friend appear in your life!

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What Your Computer Does While You Wait : Gustavo Duarte

The latencies of the modern computer laid bare. “Waiting for a hard drive seek is like leaving the building to roam the earth for one year and three months.”

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License plate sabotage

“00O0O0”. Wonder how I go about getting vanity plates in California…

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December 1, 2008

Photography, and the Tolerance for Courageous Sucking | 43 Folders

I’ll be honest, I didn’t much care for Merlin Mann’s productivity blogging, which I oversimplistically tagged mentally as “GTD” and “ignore”. That said, his recent writings about his struggles to bootstrap his creative juices are essential reading.

November 30, 2008

App Shopper: TapDefense

Fantastic, highly-addictive and free tower-defense game for iPhone. After three (almost half-hour each) games, having trouble beating Level 30 on Easy.

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