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Entries for week beginning December 19, 2010

December 25, 2010

River Otters say hello

River Otters say hello

December 22, 2010

YouTube - The Incident 1.3 on my TV

The Incident (fab iOS game) now has a TV mode. You connect your iPad via video cable to your TV, then use your iPhone (over wifi) as a controller.

Does anyone watch this and *not* see the future of Apple TV? Games downloaded to your telly, controlled by the handheld iOS devices in the room. I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see something like this promoted by WWDC 2011.

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December 21, 2010

Simultaneously “The Future” and “Horribly Dated”

Simultaneously “The Future” and “Horribly Dated”

Sadly sold, otherwise it would TOTALLY be @laughatlantis’s Xmas pressie

Sadly sold, otherwise it would TOTALLY be @laughatlantis’s Xmas pressie

December 19, 2010

Finding the Best Chicago Pizza in San Francisco

Rigorous scientific method applied to researching deep-dish pizza. Will have to try Paxti’s soon.

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My day, a summary.

Fuck British Airways.

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