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Entries for week beginning May 27, 2012

June 1, 2012

Steve Jobs Almost Named The iMac The MacMan, Until This Guy Stopped Him

One by one, I took Steve through our five finalist names. I quickly moved through such also-rans as “MiniMac” (this was long before the Mac mini) and ended with a flourish on “iMac.” I made the case that not only was “iMac” concise and easy to remember, but the “i” could stand for other things. There was the obvious association with the Internet, but it could also stand for “individual” and “imagination.” Unfortunately, that ending flourish didn’t have the desired effect on Steve.

“I hate them all. ‘MacMan’ is better.”

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Who watches the women who watch the men who watch the women who watch sports?

Beautiful article on the frustrating way female sports fans are dismissed.

Keith Rabois: Why Square's handcrafted approach to payments can win

Amused by the following description, which pretty much defines Square as the Bose of payment providers:

“If you’ve bought an audio system for your house, trying to set that up is a major deterrent. Trying to figure out which component goes with which component, it can deter people from actually buying the best new systems. If you craft an experience end-to-end, it just works out of the box.”

May 27, 2012

Cal Academy of Science (with added bonus Space Claw)

Cal Academy of Science (with added bonus Space Claw)

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