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September 10, 2010

The slow death of Dopplr

Sad. I have a lot of love for Dopplr, and still use it, but its growth never got past the digerati.

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September 12, 2008

Dopplr Blog: Find and invite your existing social networks

Dopplr have open-sourced their Ruby code to find your contacts and friends on social networks. They do a great job with it, so this’ll be worth keeping an eye on until “Portable Contacts” takes off.

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June 27, 2008

Faster than a speeding…

Faster than a speeding…

My speed over the last year has been approximately that of a butterfly, according to my Dopplr profile.

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April 22, 2008

Calculate the carbon impact of your travels with Dopplr

Lovely bit of green-design from Dopplr, giving you glanceable insight into your travel’s impact on the environment.

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February 14, 2008

My upcoming trips on DOPPLR

My upcoming trips on DOPPLR

Can you spot the connection between all my upcoming trips? To Toronto, Baltimore, New York and St Petersburg (in the Tampa bay). (Clue)

S'gonna be a fun season!

December 12, 2007


Dopplr’s out of beta, and open for signups. If you ever do any travelling, it’s a great way to find “coincidences” when your friends’ trips collide with yours. Gorgeous login screen too!

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October 23, 2007

Dopplr Blog > In rainbows

Lovely little design detail on Dopplr — Their “logo” changes colour based upon your usage of the site.

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July 15, 2007


Web 2.0 site which allows you to enter where you’re travelling, share your plans with your friends, and work out when you will serendipitously collide in meatspace. I don’t travel that much, but knowing when my remote friends might be in the New England area would be awesome.

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