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June 3, 2010

Reeder Redefines Google Reader on the iPad

Looking forward to this. Reeder on iPhone is the reason I switched back to using Google Reader for my RSS collation needs.

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November 26, 2008


Rather gorgeous minimalistic skin for Google Reader, by Jon Hicks. Had to tweak it to get my all-important “Mark All as Read” button, but apart from that, perfet.

May 14, 2008

Brand new Google Reader for iPhone

Lovely AJAXy enhancements to Google Reader make it a wicked quality experience on the iPhone.

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November 30, 2007

Official Google Reader Blog: Attack of the interns: recommendations and drag-and-drop

Two “why weren’t these already implemented?” features finally added to Google Reader. Thank you Google interns!

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October 25, 2007

Sorry, Google Reader users...

A bug introduced by Google is causing my feed to break their RSS reader. I’ve reported it, so hopefully it will be remedied quickly.

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April 16, 2007

Google Reader Theme // journal // hicksdesign

Cool re-skinning of Google Reader to make it more like a Mac desktop app, using only CSS.

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January 4, 2007

Official Google Reader Blog: I like big charts and I cannot lie

Google Reader do cool personal “what have I been reading” datamining. Google Reader’s come on by leaps and bounds since its launch — If you’re still using Bloglines, it’s well worth trying out again.

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September 29, 2006

Official Google Blog: Your inbox for the web

The new Google Reader UI is a vast improvement over their initial release. Still not something I’d use, but definitely recommendable to feed-reading newbies.

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