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Entries for Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12, 2006

Spice Up Your mini

Custom paint jobs for your Mac mini. I quite fancy getting the “retro” (begith with six-colour Apple logo) one.

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gladwell dot com - the talent myth

“Are smart people overrated?” Classic Malcolm Gladwell.

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YouTube - O! News - Apple v Apple

Another round of quality impressions from Peter Serafinowicz. John Lennon invented the iPod, apparently.

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O'Reilly Radar > Engineering Management Hacks: The BigBook Technique

This is one way to convince bosses about the folly of The Mythical Man-Month. “We’ve bought you many copies so that you might read it faster.”

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Daring Fireball: Jackass of the Week: Rob Glaser

Head of Real/Rhapsody opens mouth, shite dribbles out.

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Big Brother's Golden Ticket

The Brit version of Big Brother is going to include a contestant picked by finding a “golden ticket” inside a Kit Kat bar.

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