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Entries for week beginning February 3, 2008

February 9, 2008

“Sink Tank”

“Sink Tank”

Spotted in the bathroom showroom below Sichuan Gourmet on Route 9 -- A wash-hand basin which is a functioning fish tank.

Not only super-classy, also a bitch to clean, I imagine.

February 8, 2008

Sniff browser history for improved user experience

Clever hack — sniff a user’s browser history, work out what blogreading/bookmarking/OpenID sites they use, and reduce clutter by only display options for those sites.

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February 6, 2008

TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software

The excellent TrueCrypt now runs on OS X, as well as Windows and Linux. I’ll definitely be shunting some of my files onto an encrypted thumbdrive later.

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter

From the “Are you fucking KIDDING me‽” files: After paying $350 for an XBox 360, you have to fork out another $100 to connect it to wi-fi?

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Twitter Blog: Highlights from Superbowl Sunday

I love that the Wall-E trailer caused a spike.

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February 5, 2008

Iconfactory : Arcade Daze System

Gorgeously-retro 8-bit-esque system icons for OS X.

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Me & David Ortiz

Me & David Ortiz

I finally have photographic proof that I met David Ortiz at CES.

Because my camera was a tad busted, the folks behind me in line offered to take my photo with their camera, then email me the photo. It arrived last night, so now you can all see evidence of the strong personal friendship me & Papi share.

(I'm the one on the right)

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ProClip Mounting System

Gadget holders for your car. They come in two parts: a mount specifically designed for your car’s dashboard, and a holder designed for the gadget. I got and installed the 2001 Civic mount and the iPhone holder, and it’s a big improvement over my previous cup-holder-iPod-holster set-up.

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20 minutes or so on why I am 4Barack (Lessig Blog)

Reasoned video from Lawrence Lessig on why he supports Obama. If you’re worried that Obama is all-sizzle-no-steak or cult-of-personality, this is worth watching.

(As an aside, I see from the comments that noted raging fuckwit Marc Perkel is anti-Obama. I consider that another positive.)

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February 4, 2008

A quick request to any readers who are registered voters in the twenty-two states that are having Democratic primaries tomorrow

Please vote for Barack Obama.

As you may have noticed from my links and tweets, I’m supporting Obama this year. The reasons are many, but primarily it’s because we’ve had eight years of a horribly divisive presidency, and I believe this country (and the world) needs a leader who can bring people together, rather than split them further apart. (Hillary Clinton is a fine person and a skilled politician, and I will support her if she gets the Democratic nomination, but she gathers as much loathing from some people in this country as I feel towards Bush and Cheney)

Every vote counts. All Democratic primaries tomorrow are assigning delegates through proportional-ish representation (unlike the Republicans, whose primaries are mostly first-past-the-post winner-takes-all affairs).

I’m still disenfranchised in the US, despite having lived here since 1998. All I can do is ask others to vote. If you have any reservations about voting for Obama, email or IM me—I’ll see if I can do anything to change your mind.

My application for citizenship is in the mail, and there’s a decent chance that I might be a US citizen in November. Nothing would make me prouder than getting to vote for Obama in my first presidential election.

Thank you.

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February 3, 2008

Kitteh pop ups

Cannot be blocked

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Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

Song and video by will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas (plus a bunch of other artists), based upon Obama’s stump speech. I cannot imagine anyone doing this with a Romney speech.

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M. Ward + Zooey Deschanel collaboration is near :: Four new songs from KCRW!

I loved Zooey Deschanel’s singing in Elf, and the tracks here sound lovely.

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jwz - Happy Groundhog Day!

Detailed analysis of how long Bill Murray was trapped in February 2nd in “Groundhog Day”

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