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Entries for Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006

Call Me Fishmeal.: Note to Bill Gates: I'll take your bet, for $10,000.

Bill Gates says that it’s a 80% chance that Vista will ship in January. Mac developer Wil Shipley offers to take billg up on that bet.

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My drive home tonight

Stupid GPS tricks. Captured with GETrack.

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mobile-j.de :: Products/GETrack

Series 60 cellphone app which tracks your location over time, and exports them as KML files, which can be used with Google Maps and Google Earth.

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Wayfinder Earth

Navigation app for Series 60 cellphones. Maps and routes are streamed from the server, so you don’t an extra memory card to store them. Only costs €10 for a year’s subscription.

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NBC.com > The Office > Webisodes

The first two “webisodes” of The Office are up now.

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Bullet in uber slow motion - Google Video

69 seconds of slow motion footage of a variety of things getting shot. Awesome.

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flow|state: Insert key safely disarmed in Microsoft Word 2007

Hitting the ‘Insert’ key in Word 2007 will no longer enable the inexplicable document-eating mode. It had never occurred to me just how horrendous a usability experience the Insert key could be.

TiVo Central Online: Guru Guide™ Recommendations

Somehow, I missed this when it launched. Subscribe your TiVo to “guides” provided by magazines. I’ve just subbed up for the Entertainment Weekly one, which nets me anything called out in the “What To Watch” section of the mag.

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