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Entries for week beginning November 25, 2007

November 30, 2007

YouTube - prevent-it.ca

I want to move to Canada so I can see more PSAs like this. Freakin’ *AWESOME*!

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Dash Update deets revealed: DivX support, child account and Live ID problem fixed - Xbox 360 Fanboy

XBox 360 adds native DiVX playback. Between this, Rock Band and Space Giraffe, the XBox 360 is slowly tipping from “If someone gave me a free one, I’d sell it on eBay” (where the PS3 still lives) to “Hmmm… If I could pick up a cheap one….”

I’m not yet at a stage where I care enough to work out what the differences between all the different models are, though. Perfect example of the Paradox of Choice, there.

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Official Google Reader Blog: Attack of the interns: recommendations and drag-and-drop

Two “why weren’t these already implemented?” features finally added to Google Reader. Thank you Google interns!

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A thought I had this morning which, if you went back in time to 1992 and told my 16-year-old self I would be having in 2007 aged 31, he probably wouldn’t believe you (part 94 in an occasional series)

“I really love the new Kylie album.”

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PuTTY Tray

Improved version of the essential ssh client for Windows

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November 29, 2007

The 73rd Quatroannual Cryptozoological and Semieducational IntraCommunity Technological and Physiological Scavenger Hunt.

826 Boston, or “The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute”, is having an open day this weekend. I might pop down with a camera to see how the “institute” looks.

I walk away from the sofa for *one* minute…

I walk away from the sofa for *one* minute…

...and someone else decides to make himself comfortable.

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November 28, 2007


Zoom in to see the greetings. “The Enrichment Center reminds you to Have a Happy Holiday until you are instructed by a supervisor to discontinue having a Happy Holiday.”

Rock Band vs. Real Band: Sleater-Kinney's guitarist tests out Rock Band. - By Carrie Brownstein - Slate Magazine

Greate article on “Rock Band” by Carrie Brownstein. “If you are going to play the game with a group of friends for more than a night, shouldn’t you just form a real band? There is something sad about the thought of four teenagers getting Rock Band for Christmas and spending all of their after-school time pretending to know how to play.”

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November 27, 2007

French Paper: Pop Ink Gift Wrap: Stranger Manger

Frosty & Jesus: Together at last! Completely great, and mildly sacrilegious gift-wrap.

Sleevage : Album Cover Blog. Music, Art, Design.

Great blog analysing and documenting album cover design.

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Audible Awesomeness

Audible Awesomeness

A Slim Devices Squeezebox atop a new portable speaker which, depending on how you read my employer's new blogging policy, I don't think I'm allowed to tell you is bloody great.

But let's just say that the combination of the two is comparable to the combinations of cheese and pickle, hops and barley, or The Beatles and recreational drugs.

November 26, 2007

Tangled Up

CD Purchase: Girls Aloud - Tangled Up

Catalog Choice

Website to help you turn down all those unwanted catalogues you receive in the mail.

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Wipeout XL

CD Purchase: Various Artists - Wipeout XL

Back when I was a bloody layabout student, Wipeout 2097 on the Playstation was one of my favourite video games. My flatmate and I spent many hours happily zipping round the tracks, racing, shooting and quaking each other. Plus it had a stonking pounding electronica soundtrack that enveloped you as you played.

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I heard "Atom Bomb" by Fluke as I was driving to work. I was immediately transported back to our student dive on Dalry Road, and desperately wishing my car had weaponry.

And thanks to a quick search on Amazon, I was able to pick up the whole soundtrack on CD second-hand for less than a dollar. Hurrah!

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