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Entries for week beginning June 15, 2008

June 19, 2008

ESPN.com football match visualization

ESPN.com football match visualization

Hadn't seen this before. A lovely real-time glanceable view of the state of a football match. Progress bar showing time in the game, with markers for goals, yellow & red cards and substitutions.

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Lit 101 Class in Three Lines or Less

“Ah! Kill it, lion Jesus!”

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June 18, 2008

How to nap

Boston Globe article advocating the refreshing power of a mid-afternoon nap. Wonder if anyone would mind if I scheduled time in the conference room each day for a spot of shuteye…

Stewart Butterfield's bizarre resignation letter

That’s the way to do it. “Nary a sheet of tin has rolled of our own production lines in over 30 years!”

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Most complex crop circle ever discovered in British fields - Telegraph

This should be the calling card for xkcd geohashing meetups.

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reddit goes open source

Reddit release (most of) the source for the site, allowing anyone to host their own reddit. Excellent video announcement from the mascot too.

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June 17, 2008

Do not go and see Signs. It is a bad, bad movie.

From 2002: Why I will never see an M. Night Shyamalan movie again, and am completely unsurprised at the vitriol being unpoured on The Happening.

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The New Republic Movie Review: "The Happening"

“This film is so bad that I feel compelled to make a spoiler-laden list of its most laughably terrible parts rather than review it.”

June 15, 2008

Bad Science: Money money money money money

Ben Goldacre on the experiments that show that humans are happier with things that cost them more money. I suggest naming this “the Bose effect”.

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“If you see this message repeatedly, you may need to disable your ad blocking software”

“If you see this message repeatedly, you may need to disable your ad blocking software”

You know what, Hulu? I don't think I will disable my ad-blocking software. It's almost like it's doing exactly what I want it to do.

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