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Entries for week beginning March 14, 2010

March 20, 2010

Compare and Contrast

The one email I’ve received this week from my current house representative, Nancy Pelosi: Pelosi Update

Two emails I’ve received this week from my former house representative, Mike Capuano: March 16th, 2010, March 20th, 2010

I wish Mike Capuano was still my congressman. Cambridge & Somerville: You’re lucky to have him.


Exactly what you think it is.

Exactly as amazing as you think it is.

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March 19, 2010


This is video of a 5 minute talk I gave at Ignite Bay Area 2. It’s inspired by the collision of cultures ten years ago at my first job, when they went from a purely tech/business/enterprisey consulting firm to being a cool sexy web firm. (I was worried before giving the talk that the problems had all been solved in the last decade — the reaction I got from the audience suggests not!)

The video isn’t the clearest, so the slides (sans nice fonts) are embedded below. If you hit the Play button on the slides at roughly the time I start talking, it should auto-advance in time with my blethering.

Incidentally, there are a bunch of upcoming Ignite events in San Francisco — at the Chirp, Google I/O and Web 2.0 Expo conferences — and it’s fabulous fun (and a great challenge). I highly recommend submitting talks.

March 18, 2010

Tribute to Famous People by Pomplamoose

The fabulous Pomplamoose have compiled their outstanding cover versions into a new album. Many examples of cover versions being better than the originals, particularly their gorgeous take on “Single Ladies”.

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Deconstructing Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Video

It fills my heart with love to see a pop star make a video _worth_ deconstructing! ♥♥♥

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Walking Papers

A fab project from Stamen’s Mike Migurski that I’d somehow missed. Print out an area map, walk around notating your paper copy, then scan it and submit it back to help make the data more widely available. A fantastic use of “Papernet”

Newspaper Club | Helping people to make their own newspapers

Creating the tools to allow anyone to create a limited-run honest-to-goodness dead-tree newspaper.

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Ignite NYC: What Would Kermit Do?

Another great Ignite talk — Deanna Zandt reminds the grown-ups of all the important life lessons tucked into The Muppet Movie.

March 17, 2010



March 16, 2010



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“Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing”

“Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing”

A 12-page newspaper by Newspaper Club (http://www.newspaperclub.co.uk/)

It was collated over the last few days, features essays by folks like Clay Shirky, Bobbie Johnson and Warren Ellis, as well as visualizations and photos created this weekend.

They printed 1000 this morning on the Austin Statesman Chronicle presses, and distributed them at the Maps, Books, Spimes, Paper panel.

I grabbed a few extra copies, so if any bay area folks want one, let me know.

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Offered his choice of a "douchebag" or "not a douchebag" button, Robert Scoble owns it. Respect!

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The Gowalla Taco

The Gowalla Taco

Wicked tasty. My breakfast two days in a row.

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