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Entries for week beginning May 23, 2010

May 28, 2010


Holy crap, this is a cunning hack! Renders (some) SWFs in browser without the Flash plugin, using Canvas and JavaScript. Works (albeit somewhat slowly) on iPhones and iPads. Gonna be interesting to see if Adobe buy this up.

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May 24, 2010

"Cons: Highly dependent on Google account."

Interesting perspective from Ben Ward on Android.

“I’ve just endured a week of reading Google’s ‘opener than thou’ harping, with ever increasing levels of irritation, and all along Android is locked in to their services? What bullshit.”

As a geek who cares a bit about openness, I live with my iPhone, but wish Android was a real competitor for my affection. It’s clearly getting to a stage where HTC can produce a quality smartphone — fast enough and featured enough to keep most people happy.

But, strangely for Google, I feel that my geeky desires are being ignored. Unless you buy the single “Google phone”, you’re not buying a particularly geek-friendly device. Due to Google’s Apache licensing, the phone makers and cell companies have enough control to ensure an experience where I have *less* control than with my iPhone.

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May 23, 2010

Come party with Lady Gaga

Must read article by Caitlin Moran on meeting, interviewing, then visiting a Berlin sex club with, Lady Gaga. Reminiscent of mid-80’s Smash Hits – It’s that good!

“Despite the undoubted and extreme novelty of such a venue, Adrian – Gaga’s British press officer – and I give away our nationalities instantly when we comment, excitedly, “Oh my God! You can SMOKE in here.” It seems a far more thrilling prospect than… some bumming.”

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