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March 16, 2009


Truly social search. Sign up and enter some of your topics of expertise. Then IM a question to Aardvark. It will forward it onto appropriate friends and friends-of-friends, and pass on any replies. My first test was completely successful.

I really like they way signing up to ask questions implicitly gets you on the hook for answering, as well as the fact that they link to your Facebook account to quickly garner a social graph. I have some invites if you want to play too.



My first interaction with Aardvark. I figured that sending it out at 1am meant I was unlikely to receive a response, much less a helpful one. I was wrong. Colour me impressed!

March 5, 2008

Open AIM | dev.aol.com

AOL have opened up the AIM protocol for reals, documenting the protocol and encouraging, rather than barely-tolerating, third-party AIM clients. I’d rather deal with XMPP, but this is an interesting step forward.

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January 18, 2008

AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber

You can now log into your AIM or ICQ account using Jabber. They’re not yet doing server-to-server, but it’s surely just a matter of time.

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December 22, 2007



An instant message I received. Not sure if it's one of my friends being funny, or something more sinister -- either way, I'm not responding!

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October 22, 2007

Game 7 — An IM conversation

Joy & I watched tonight’s Game 7 in different rooms (Joy upstairs in the bedroom, me downstairs in the living room), but we both had our laptops open, because we’re both massive geeks. Here’s some edited highlights from our IM conversations:

8:57:00 Joy Begbie: tell us, Dane Cook!
8:57:04 Joy Begbie: how many Octobers are there??
8:57:32 Rod Begbie: Frankly, I am So Fucking Excited about tonight’s game, even my distaste for Dane Cook can’t bring me down.

9:15:54 Joy Begbie: the commentator just said, “a base hit cuts the lead in half”
9:16:05 Joy Begbie: uh, no… a RUN does that.
9:16:08 Joy Begbie: fuckwad

(Mike Lowell catches the ball for a double-play, with runners on 1st and 3rd)

10:54:24 Joy Begbie: heart attack.
10:54:40 Rod Begbie: That was 99% luck, 1% awesomeness.
10:55:09 Joy Begbie: Mike Lowell was involved. There was easily 3% awesomeness.
10:56:02 Joy Begbie: but also a HELL of a lot of luck
10:56:10 Rod Begbie: Especially on Lofton’s base running.
10:56:16 Rod Begbie: That should have been a run-scored.
10:56:19 Joy Begbie: and many thanks to their third base coach for confusing Kenny Lofton

(Jacoby Ellsbury makes a great catch in left field)

10:59:51 Rod Begbie: Jacoby would be a good name for a basset hound.
10:59:53 Rod Begbie: I’m just saying.
11:00:01 Rod Begbie: “Jacoby Begbie”

11:02:47 Rod Begbie: Glimpses of Batshit in the dugout. I miss Batshit.
11:02:58 Joy Begbie: me too
11:22:39 Rod Begbie: Do you think Tito might include Batshit in the world series order, instead of Gagné?

(Jonathan Papelbon strikes out two to end the top of the 8th)

11:21:27 Rod Begbie: It was great, looking at the intensity on Papelbons’ face as he walked off the field…
11:21:39 Rod Begbie: Knowing that in about 45 minutes, he’s going to be letting it all out by dancing around like an idiot!

(A Fox announcer mentions the MVP award)

11:30:21 Rod Begbie: Who do you think should get MVP?
11:30:22 Joy Begbie: ooh, good question, who will be the MVP?
11:30:26 Joy Begbie: Josh Beckett
11:30:30 Rod Begbie: Almost definitely.
11:31:20 Joy Begbie: Grand slam notwithstanding, there’s nobody else I can think of that has put in such a phenomenal performance
11:31:12 Rod Begbie: No-one is as responsible for the comeback in game 5 as Beckett.
11:31:41 Rod Begbie: It was almost like “Hey! Beckett’s pitching! We’re bound to win this one, so let’s have some fun!”
11:31:52 Rod Begbie: Set the tone for the games back at Fenway.

(Dustin Pedroia hits a three-RBI shot off of the Green Monster)

11:43:44 Joy Begbie: I am GRINNING right now.
11:43:49 Rod Begbie: PETEY!
11:43:59 Rod Begbie: He may suck at cribbage….
11:44:04 Rod Begbie: but I’ll take that hit!
11:44:12 Joy Begbie: hot dog!

(Cameras show David Ortiz in the dugout, already wearing goggles in preperation for the champagne shower)

11:56:13 Rod Begbie: GET THOSE GOGGLES OFF, PAPI! DON‘T JINX IT!!!!!

(Coco Crisp smashes into the bullpen wall, making the catch that finishes the game)

11:57:59 Joy Begbie: SMART defensive move from Tito…
11:58:07 Joy Begbie: ouch
11:58:12 Rod Begbie: So glad that Coco got to make his mark on the game.
11:58:33 Joy Begbie: he is going to feel that later, i think
11:58:47 Rod Begbie: If only we had someone else who could take his place in the lineup…..

(The Sox win)

12:02:02 Joy Begbie: that was a DIRTY slo-mo of Tek and Pap
12:02:06 Rod Begbie: I want Papelbon’s crazed star jump as my wallpaper!

12:12:09 Rod Begbie: “Is that Papelbon? He’s a little whacko, isn’t he?”
12:12:23 Joy Begbie: ah, such insight
12:12:25 Rod Begbie: Why yes, Fox idiot, yes he is.

12:14:28 Rod Begbie: Losing manager doesn’t get a press conference? Looks like they’re interviewing him round the back of a concessions stand!
12:14:46 Joy Begbie: sad, really.
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July 10, 2007

beejive :: JiveTalk mobile messaging

AJAX-based instant messaging app for the iPhone. A bit slow, but it works!

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February 8, 2007

My fingerprints for Off-The-Record IM encryption

Just publishing these so I can point to them later for verification purposes. If you IM with me, I encourage you to use a client that supports OTR encryption.

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February 15, 2006

Simple group chat for business: Campfire

37signals’s new site — an AJAXy chat tool. No installation necessary, more usable than IRC, and less susceptible to shonky firewalls than instant messaging, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with 37signals hosting transcripts of business conversations & files.

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