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March 9, 2011

Enjoy Spring Training games and regular season games on Apple TV | MLB.com: Subscriptions

Holy shitting crikey. I was hoping this would happen and it has. MLB’s all-games streaming service will work on your Apple TV (along with your iPad and iPhone) for a price that’s $100 cheaper than buying the equivalent package on cable or satellite (basically covering your purchase of an Apple TV if you don’t already own one!)

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July 30, 2009

Report: Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003 - ESPN

*le sigh*. The inevitability of this news doesn’t really take the edge off the sadness. The Red Sox had been lucky with the steroid testing leaks and reports so far. Now, the 2004 & 2007 World Series wins are _officially_ tarnished.

April 19, 2009

MLB.com for iPhone and iPod touch

The official MLB At Bat iPhone app is *killer*. Last year’s version was my second App Store purchase (after Super Monkey Ball), but the addition of live radio coverage of games is fantastic. Sitting at work, or driving somewhere, with the sound of Joe Castiglione calling the Sox is well worth $10.

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September 2, 2008

MLB At Bat

MLB At Bat

The MLB's official iPhone app finally has pitch-by-pitch game tracking. Hooray! (This screenshot was taken while I was following the game at the Embarcadero BART station!)

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August 9, 2007

Silverlight spotted in the wild

Silverlight spotted in the wild

This is the first time I've seen Microsoft's Flash-killer Silverlight plugin used on a genuine, non-Microsoft-demo website. MLB are using it to play video.

(Incidentally, how much do I regret deciding to favour getting sleep over finishing watching the game last night? Stupid west-coast games)

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April 6, 2005

MLB.com Game Day Mini

MLB.com Game Day Mini

New miniaturised version of the excellent flashapp from mlb.com that sits on your desktop and keeps you filled-in on the game.

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