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July 11, 2007

“Buy me a beer…”

“Buy me a beer…”

"...and I'll tell you why your startup idea _sucks_"

My name badge at this week's Web Innovators Group meetup. Written before I discovered it was an open bar!

(Photo taken by David Laubner)

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January 30, 2007

TrustPlus Inc.

The most interesting startup I saw demoing at WebInno tonight. Reputation system (with Firefox & IE plugin) that is intended to span across all online interactions and transactions — From Craigslist to Match.com! I think it’s going to have a hard time getting traction, but the guys I spoke to had clearly thought through the problem well and taking steps to avoid the gaming and fraud inherent in something like eBay’s reputation system.

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WebInno10 Tuesday 7:12 pm 1/30/07 Cambridge, Massachusetts

WebInno10 Tuesday 7:12 pm 1/30/07 Cambridge, Massachusetts

The tenth Web Innovators Group meetup. By my guesstimate, there were well over 200 people there this evening, a far cry from the 60 or so crammed into the back room at Tommy Doyle's the first time I went.

September 25, 2006

Blue Screened

Blue Screened

Clearly the presenter from Traineo had not performed sufficient sacrifices to the god of demos before getting up at the Web Innovators Group. Within 10 seconds of starting, his laptop bluescreened.

And all the Mac fanboys in the crowd smiled to themselves.

webinno8 [WebInno Wiki]

Tonight’s Web Innovators Group meetup looks like it’ll have a really interesting mix of startups presenting. Came along if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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August 11, 2006

Presentation Tips For The Technically Gifted

Good tips on how to do your tech project demo. Should be required reading for anyone talking at WebInno meetings.

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July 25, 2006

Web Inno 7 Report | Boston WTF

Brian’s summary of last night’s Boston Web Innovators Meetup. My snark is saved for the comments section. But if I hear of another startup whose entire business model is “targeted advertising”, there’s going to be trouble!

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