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Entries for Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14, 2006

"Lock The Vault? What Kind Of Maniac Would Steal Money From A Bank?"

Diebold voting machines are found to be easily re-flashable by anyone wanting to invisibly rig an election. Diebold spokesman: “I don’t believe these evil elections people exist.” I have not the words.

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Fare comment! BBC interviews cabbie by mistake

This is just splendid in ways unimaginable. A cabdriver who was in the BBC’s reception area was rushed onto air by mistaken producers, thinking he was an internet expert to talk about the Apple vs. Apple case. Full marks to the bloke for struggling through the interview despite being clearly horrified!

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SNL: If Al Gore were President

Nicely done parallel-universe cold-open from last night’s SNL.

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