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Entries for Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 22, 2006

Come, Children! Drink from Santa’s Cock!

Come, Children!  Drink from Santa’s Cock!

Inappropriate beverage dispensers, spotted in Target.

DigiCam Geotagging with ZoneTag

This is a cool new feature in ZoneTag: Gather up your location information in your cellphone (either with a Bluetooth GPS, or just by cell-tower/location matching), then upload photos taken with your regular camera to Flickr and have ZoneTag geotag them automagically.

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A Selection of Miis

A Selection of Miis

Four Miis currently inhabiting our Wii.

Top left, it's me. Top right, the missus

Bottom left, the prince of darkness. Bottom right, some Austrian bloke.

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The Onion Store: Gotchabox

New from The Onion: Elaborate boxes for really crappy-sounding gifts (“Salt of the Month Club”, anyone?), which you hide your real present inside. Genius!

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Ask the pilot | Salon Technology

Patrick Smith’s mother causes confusion at the airline security counter: Is it OK to take marinara sauce (which is a liquid) onto a plane if it’s frozen (which makes it a solid)? Ah, I feel safer already.

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Variety.com - Faves to rerun 'Race'

The rumoured “All Star” edition of The Amazing Race is confirmed. I’ll wait to see the full cast-list before I get too upset.

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Test your musical skills in 6 minutes!

Research project from the music & neuroimaging lab at Beth Israel Deaconess. Test your musical memory.

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