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Entries for Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 10, 2006


Some kind of weird audioscrobbler-type thing, that allows you to deal with Tags inside iTunes. Or something. Their site is incomprehensibly flashy and slidey and swoopy and I only got five hours sleep last night.

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My Flickr Moo Cards

My Flickr Moo Cards

A mixture of Boston, Bassets and a Bunch of other stuff. They look great, especially considering most of the photos were taken with crappy cameraphones!

Sadly, two of the twenty images I uploaded got printed as "Unavailable photo:" Not sure what caused that, but I'm gonna ping Moo and see what happened.

Open Source madness!

Good commentary of the unpleasantness that’s about to unfold with this Firefox/Iceweasel fork. The two new “features” which will now ship with Debian, Ubuntu, et al are just the tip of an iceberg of confusion and incompatibility.

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My last.fm chart arcs

My last.fm chart arcs

Funky visualization of my music listening over time from MartinD at last.fm. Read his explanation to understand what it means, or just enjoy the soothing colours.

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Amazon.co.uk: The Best of "Smash Hits"

Compilation of classic 80s features from ver Hits. Note to anyone not sure what to get me for my birthday: I MUST own this!

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Decorated Trunks

Decorated Trunks

Someone's been decorating the tree trunks around Union Square.

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