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May 23, 2008

MOO.com | API

Moo’s printing services made available through an API. Generate the graphics and text you want, shove em over to Moo as XML, and they’ll handle the checkout and fulfillment. (Revenue sharing is promised for the future)

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November 2, 2007

MOO.com | Accessories - Stuff that goes with our stuff

Nice looking Moo Card holders. Might get the leather one and clip it onto my backpack.

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July 19, 2007

MOO | Stickers - Print stickers using your images

MOO launch tiny wee custom stickers in a nice sharable form. Ordered myself a set.

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April 24, 2007

Etsy :: Splatgirl MOOPockets

Holsters to keep your MooCards pristine prior to handing them out.

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October 23, 2006

Joy’s Moo Cards

Joy’s Moo Cards

I treated Joy to a box of Moo Cards for herself -- each illustrated with a photo of the dogs. Here are two, resting in some dog photo holders I picked up for her at Philadelphia Airport.

October 10, 2006

My Flickr Moo Cards

My Flickr Moo Cards

A mixture of Boston, Bassets and a Bunch of other stuff. They look great, especially considering most of the photos were taken with crappy cameraphones!

Sadly, two of the twenty images I uploaded got printed as "Unavailable photo:" Not sure what caused that, but I'm gonna ping Moo and see what happened.

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