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Entries for Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007

Yahoo! Music - Lyrics

Yahoo’s made a bunch of song lyrics legitimately available for searching. Nice, and all, but it’s still easier to google for “song title lyrics”.

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PayPal Security Key

For $5, PayPal will give you a SecurID-type keyfob to make it much harder for anyone to penetrate your account. I’ve been carrying mine for a couple of months now.

Tracking Comment Spammers | Project Honey Pot

Project Honey Pot’s traps are now presenting spiders with forms that resemble comments/guestbooks/forums to try to gather some data on comment spamming. If you have a web site, it’s well worth installing the honeypot (or linking to a QuickLink) to help the cause.

Etsy :: Splatgirl MOOPockets

Holsters to keep your MooCards pristine prior to handing them out.

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Anil Dash: Cats Can Has Grammar

IM IN UR BLOG EXPLANING UR DIALECTZ! Anil Dash breaks down the importance of good lolcat grammar.

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Turn your Django application in to an OpenID consumer

Simon Willison’s OpenID consuming middleware for Django. I’ll probably have a stab at mixing this with my blog comments shortly.

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Since 99% of what I write here is now in the category of “links” rather than posts, and at the prodding of Mike, I’ve added the ability to comment on links on the site.

Turned out to be about 2 new lines of code and minor templatery tweaks (Thank you Django!)

Go crazy, gang. Feedback-me-do!

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