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Entries for week beginning April 29, 2007

May 4, 2007

Ruckus Laptop Backpack review: Simply Awesome

I just got one of these on the recommendation of Yoz, and it is top-notch. A dedicated laptop section, plus an excellent array of pockets and pouches. I got mine from NewEgg for $40 + shipping.

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What have I been listening to?

Gorgeous visualization of a year’s worth of music listening. Hey! Last.FM! I would pay $50 in a heartbeat for a nice poster print of this with my own listening habits.

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BBC NEWS | Scotland | Review under way on voting chaos

Who would have thought that having three different voting systems (First past the post, regional list, and STV) on one ballot paper would cause confusion? Gah!

May 3, 2007

At last! The secret formula! It is mine!

At last!  The secret formula!  It is mine!

Spotted on a door at Fenway: The secret instructions for making a footlong hotdog. WIth this recipe, I shall RULE THE WORLD!

Spot the life-long Sox fan

Spot the life-long Sox fan

Joy and my parents at Fenway Park.

You'll note that my dad (who's never been to a baseball game before) and my mum (who's been once) are both wearing Red Sox jackets. I'd mentioned to them the night before that it can get kind of chilly in the evening, so they should maybe bring a jacket. So when they happened upon Red Sox jackets at Marshall's earlier in the day, they snapped them up.


taint.org: Justin Mason's Weblog » SpamAssassin 3.2.0!

Justin’s guide to what’s new and cool in the latest version of SpamAssassin. Installing on my mail server now.

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“Ext3cow is an open-source, versioning file system based on ext3. It provides a time-shifting interface that allows a real-time and continuous view of the past. This allows users to access their file system as it appeared at any point in time.”

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YouTube - Pulp Muppets

Why have I not seen this until now? Beautifully-made pitch-perfect re-casting of Pulp Fiction with Muppets. Sam the Eagle *is* Christopher Walken.

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Long form Lolcats — Star Trek as told through Lolcat. “There be having too many tribbles”

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May 2, 2007

Four Short Crushes: Humor: The New Yorker

“Another restaurant dinner with my boring girlfriend, another lecture about how I never really listen to whatever she’s yammering on about.”

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Silly season [dive into mark]

Beautiful summation of the current Adobe Apollo/Microsoft Silverlight hype-off from Mark Pilgrim. “That poster may as well be titled “Fucked 6 Ways From Sunday,” because that’s what you’ll be if you buy into any of this.”

Wakoopa - Software gone social

Social site tracking what applications you use and how long you use them for. Kind of a Last.FM meets IUseThis.

May 1, 2007

Frets On Fire

Open source Guitar Hero-a-like.

Hotmail's antispam measures snuff out legit emails, too | The Register

I’ve been experiencing this — Emails I send to HoTMaiL users are getting silently swallowed, neither bouncing nor ending up in their Spam folders.

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April 30, 2007

Bacon Ears

Bacon Ears

My current laptop wallpaper. Bacon doesn't look amused, does he?

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