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December 20, 2009

Annabel Scheme

Robin’s novella is now available as a CC-licensed PDF file. I’m about halfway through reading my copy, and proud to have been part of the Kickstarter project that funded it.

Perfect for copying onto your Kindle before you board a flight this festive season!

November 4, 2009

The Art of Community

Really interesting-looking O’Reilly book on building and managing communities, available for free download as a CC-licensed PDF.

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March 2, 2009

JoCo Looks Back on LegalTorrents - Creative Commons

730Mb of source tracks for Jonathan Coulton’s greatest hits compilation, available under a CC non-commercial license. Get your “Code Monkey” remix on!

November 19, 2008

Campaign Exclusive: Custom USB Drives & Unreleased Jonathan Coulton Album - Creative Commons

Looking for an excuse to donate to Creative Commons? Donate $50 or more now, and receive a 1GB USB key with a “Best of Jonathon Coulton” MP3 compilation — including the raw tracks so you can remix and mess around to your heart’s content. I went for the $10-a-month-for-a-year option.

May 5, 2008

nine inch nails: the slip

Another NIN album released for free download under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. It should be noted that Ghosts I-IV was the first NIN album I’ve ever bought, after enjoying its free release earlier this year.

March 3, 2008

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts

Trent Reznor releases a new NIN album as online download with “premium” collectors offerings. Notable differences to the Radiohead “In Rainbows’ download include a) It’s CC BY-NC-SA licensed, so you can remix it however you like and b) The first part has been “officially” seeded to BitTorrent in a shareware stylee.

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October 15, 2007

The Information Freeway :: A map of the planet

Very nifty Google Maps-like tiled-and-draggable front-end to the Open Street Map data. I was surprised how detailed the data was for my neighbourhood, but I guess I shouldn’t have been, given the high geek-density round here.

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September 25, 2006


“Free as in free speech” — Beer whose recipe is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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May 16, 2006

Flickr: Advanced Photo Search

Best feature of the Flickr “Gamma”? Proper fulltext search functionality, including Creative Commons searching. Huzzah!

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December 29, 2005

Free Music

Kristin Hersh has released a new EP as free creativecommons-licensed FLAC files.

November 23, 2005

Indieish: Remixing Pop Culture - CC:365

Podcast promising a new CC-licensed indie MP3 tune every day of 2006. I’m really looking forward to this.

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